Boat Building

Vacuumed Resin infused construction is used in the making of all our Bullet Boat Hulls

Bullet Boats

Runaway Bay Marine Covers, Being the owners of BULLET BOATS and GOLD COAST ANTIFOULING gives access to a skilled team of fibreglass repairers. Located at Runaway Bay Marina next door to RB-MARINE COVERS on the Gold Coast our highly skilled boat builders can take care of your boat repair needs, with minor or major boat fibreglass repairs along with new and re- antifouling to keep your boat free of barnacles. We also offer prop speed painting which helps eliminate build up of barnacles and growth on your boats prop to achieve better performance and speeds while reducing drag.

  • New boat Anti Fouling Gold Coast
  • Re-anti-Fouling Gold Coast
  • Fibreglass Repairs and Maintenance Gold Coast
  • Minor Boat Fibreglass Repairs Gold Coast
  • Major Boat Fibreglass Repairs Gold Coast
  • Prop Speed Gold Coast

We can carry out fibreglass repairs on all makes and models boats